What's up! I'm Rachael!

It’s great to meet you. Welcome to my house party. Can I get you a beverage?

Here, have a seat on my couch. Let’s chat.

If you’re anything like me, you have a colorful backstory with lots of adventures and lessons learned.

I’ve been through a lot- a staph infection as a kid, a hip replacement as an adult, and some other things we can talk about another time.

I’ve also pulled off some epic accomplishments, like co-founding and directing my nonprofit, launching my DJ career, launching THIS business you’re looking at right now, and becoming a runner on my bionic hip!

Through it all, the one thing that kept me going, that made the bad times bearable, the good times incredible, and the impossible dreams a reality was COMMUNITY.

That’s why I love Facebook Groups. It’s the best, most convenient way to build a community on social media. Plus they’re perfect for creating a social sales funnel while mobilizing your army of marketers.

I created a homegrown FUN strategy to help you create your own engaged and profitable Facebook Group, without the sleaze and spam. We are NOT sending any “hey girl” invitations. Ew.

It took me a over a year to finalize my method, with lots of testing and trial and error. And I signed up for SO MANY social media marketing courses along the way. I know you know what I’m talking about!

Would you like to skip over THAT PART and get down to business? Let’s work on your Facebook Group together to get it done in two months.

I’ll turn you into a 60 Day Superstar. Click the button to learn more.